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The Good Things

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Here at Redeye I believe that with all the things happening in the world which can bring you down we need to shine a light on the positive things in life. 

I am introducing a new section (GOOD THINGS) on the website to do just that! 

What are “good things”? 

Good things are accomplishments, awards, any positive success story about some you know in the hunting or shooting community. 

What do we need from you?

We want you to bring us the good news! Please submit your good news of course! Tell us what you or someone you know (family, kids,grand kids, neighbors etc) has accomplished. They deserve recognition. 

Example of what to share: Your son got his first deer! Or you placed top 5 at a competition! 

Example of what I don’t want: you got slide bite while practicing or someone blew up a Remington 700.

We want good news. Things you’re proud of and things that deserve recognition. 

The section will have 2 parts.

Part 1:: We will share good things happening in the hunting and shooting sports

Part 2::  We will share good things from the younger generation. (Under 18)

We will bring the good things” news to you and all of the REDEYE RELOADING family on a regular basis through the website, Facebook group and YouTube channel. 

**Special Note**

I might not be able to share everything from everyone but I will absolutely try!